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Welcome to Office Hours

Congratulations for taking action making more sales and getting bigger payouts from your White Hat Affiliate company programs.

Office Hours is a complimentary, open door, service for you to get your affiliate marketing, content monetization & online marketing questions answered by the team that actually does it all day, every day.

It’s your no-obligation opportunity to “Ask Us Anything” Marketing.

Here’s how Office Hours works.

Office Hours is Thursday at 8am Pacific Time.

Why Thursday? It’s late enough in the week to realize you have questions about what you’ve been implementing all week.. and early enough that it’s not quite the weekend.

So… block the time on your calendar every THURSDAY at 8am Pacific.

About 15 minutes before we start, you will receive your link to join the group in your inbox.

Click the link to join in, and then ask all the questions you want… because it’s an “Ask Me Anything” on the topic of Content Monetization and Online Marketing.

No topic is off the table. There is no ‘gimmick’, no ‘catch’, no ‘gotcha’.

Why are we doing this?

Plain and simple… we like to help patriots succeed.

At the end of the day, ONE OF THREE things will happen…

1) You love the suggestions you get… Then, you decide to you want to implement it on your own.

That’s great!

Come back next week and let us know how it went, and what your results are.

2) You love the suggestions you get, and decide you’d like us to help you implement it.

We will get to work right away … and you can still come back and share your kick-ass results.

3) In the unlikely event you believe it’s a waste of time…

You can leave anytime you want, and chose not to come back.

And you’ll know you only risked a small bit of time to realize we’re not a good fit… even though there is no charge for Office Hours (at this time).