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How To Get The Most From The White Hat Movement Affiliate Programs.

Do you have questions about getting even bigger payouts? Are you struggling to get your first sale?

You could struggle even more by trying to find the answer online or in a book. You could email our
support and make a request… That’s difficult and often inefficient.

That’s why we raised the bar. To make enhance your affiliate experience, we open our doors every
Thrusday to get your questions answered in a live virtual small group Q&A session. It’s called
Office Hours.

Whether it’s…

– Affiliate marketing,
– Content marketing,
– Email marketing, or
– Other digital marketing questions…

And, whether you are an affiliate or seller on:

– RedPill Living,
– Magazon,
– GreenPill Living, or
– Any other White Hat Affiliated company…

You are invited to join us live. Where would you like us to send your access link?